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Digestion problems in Ottawa/Gatineau

Are you looking for a natural solution to your digestion problems?

Digestive disorders specialist

Are you looking for a nutrition consultant that specializes in digestive and intestinal disorders?

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions?

digestive system

I have the solution that will work for you!

My approach is unlike any other!

Work with a healthcare professional who will understand you and know how to advise and support you throughout your journey.


Digestion problems... I've had them too. That's why I have the compassion to understand you.

My Story

My personal health challenges have led me to specialize in digestive disorders and to develop a real passion for helping people who are looking for natural solutions to their digestive issues.
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I will work closely with you throughout your journey.

My Approach

Based on your medical history, health condition and goals, we will work together to establish your recovery plan.
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Results are important, but so is how you get them!

My Guarantee

Given that I guarantee my services 100%, I only take you on if I truly believe I can help you.
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Briefly, here are the phases and goals of my digestive health program!

phases of the digestive health program
The phases of the program
  • The number of phases required is determined by your health condition.
  • The recommendations of each phase are adapted and specified according to your needs.
  • The duration of each phase varies depending on your progress.
Your tailor-made program will indicate
  • which foods to favor;
  • the proportion of food to consume;
  • when and how to eat the various foods;
  • which supplements to favor;
  • how to maintain your eating habits so that your success is lasting.

They did it, you can do it too!​

Find out how my program has helped so many people achieve their goals, then let me help you create your own success story.

I provide the best one-on-one support, guaranteed!

Join my program now to regain control of your health!