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What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance scanning harnesses the electromagnetic system of the body to setup frequency-sequences to challenge the patient’s bio-communication system. The technique uses light to scan the tissues of the body, diagnose and treat disease.  It is based on the knowledge that the entire body is held together at the subatomic level by light, that light is the primary communication medium of the body, and that every problem in the body sets up a unique frequency which can be tested through light. Bioresonance provides non-invasive scans for diagnosing different diseases and can also help diagnose and treat before the disease is full-blown.

Click here to listen to a video that explains what bioresonance is and how it works.

The purpose

To evaluate the body for pathology, allergens, and infections.  Upon establishing dysfunction, bio-resonance has the ability to administer meta therapies to repair the tissue.  

The science

Bioresonance is based upon the science that electromagnetic oscillations emitted by damaged organs and cancer cells vary from those emitted by healthy cells due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage. An electrical device detects these differences and can determine which organs are affected and “cancel out” their diseased signal via destructive wave interference.  The wave emission from homeopathic medicines or allergens is measured through the device and is modulated through the patient’s autonomic nervous system, influencing skin resistance.