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Constipation – Natural Treatment


Natural Treatment for Constipation in Ottawa/Gatineau

Looking for a natural treatment for constipation? The Gastro Pro is a certified holistic nutritional consultant specializing in gastrointestinal disorders in Ottawa/Gatineau.

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Relieve Constipation Naturally

It is better to reach out to a nutritionist when constipation-related issues are getting out of control. For example:

  • Constipation arises suddenly with no obvious cause;
  • Constipation accompanied by pains, bloating, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea;
  • Constipation persists for over 3 weeks;
  • Continuous reduction of the stools.

Are you still inconvenienced by constipation, even after taking prescription medication? Does an entirely natural approach to healing appeal to you? Call the Gastro Pro, a holistic nutritionist in Gatineau! Gastro Pro is able to identify food sensitivities that can disturb your system and will help you relieve constipation.

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What is Constipation?

Constipation is the difficulty to evacuate stools out of the body. By medical definition, stools will be dry and hard, as well as delayed or infrequent. Someone affected by constipation will not be able to defecate more than two to three times a week.

This presents a fastidious situation which comes with unpleasant health problems and difficulties in everyday life.

What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

Constipation often goes hand in hand with the following symptoms: bloating, flatulence (gas), stomach cramps, abdominal discomfort and a sensation of heaviness.

What Causes Constipation?

Constipation occurs when the stools move very slowly through the gastrointestinal system resulting in fecal matter remaining too long in the intestines and becoming hard and dry before evacuation.

The discharge gets difficult, infrequent and sometimes painful. There exists a multitude of factors that can cause constipation:

  • Diet low in fibre;
  • Dehydration (insufficient water consumption);
  • Lack of regular physical activity;
  • Use of certain medications (side effect)
  • Overuse of laxatives;
  • Certain illnesses (ex.: irritable bowel syndrome);
  • Stressful lifestyle.

Preventing Constipation

There are so many remedies to constipation, whether it’s by making changes to your diet or lifestyle. Simple measures which can easily be constantly observed help to prevent constipation as well as chronic constipation. The Gastro Pro is a certified holistic nutritional consultant specializing in gastrointestinal disorders in Gatineau. Discover how to heal and prevent constipation.

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