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Gastritis – Natural Treatment


Natural Treatment for Gastritis in Ottawa/Gatineau

Looking for a natural treatment for gastritis? The Gastro Pro is a certified holistic nutritional consultant specializing in gastrointestinal disorders in Ottawa/Gatineau.

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Relieve Gastritis Naturally

It is better to reach out to a nutritionist when gastritis-related issues are getting out of control. Gastritis does not always show obvious signs.

However, symptoms are possible:

  • Abdominal pains, specifically in the upper part of the abdomen;
  • Heartburn which can worsen or diminish depending on the diet;
  • Difficulty to digest, indigestion, feeling of fullness or bloating after a light meal;
  • Nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite.

Even with the absence of symptoms, gastritis, which is primarily caused by prolonged usage of medication, can erode the stomach lining and cause internal bleeding.

Are you still inconvenienced by gastritis, even after taking prescription medication? Does an entirely natural approach to healing appeal to you? Call the Gastro Pro, a holistic nutritionist in Gatineau! Gastro Pro is able to identify food sensitivities that can disturb your system and will help you relieve gastritis.

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What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach’s mucous lining. It is an inflammatory disease that can be acute or chronic. As time goes by, this inflammation alters the way our body’s defence system functions.

When one has gastritis, gastric acid contained in the stomach ends up attacking the stomach lining, which, in reaction, triggers an inflammatory process.

What are the Symptoms of Gastritis?

As a matter of fact, gastritis can suddenly appear in the body and cause heartburn or difficulty to digest. This type of symptom normally disappears within days but it can also regularly resurface and evolve throughout the years. In certain critical cases, gastritis is hemorrhagic and can cause blood to appear in our vomit.

Usually, the symptoms of gastritis consist of heartburn occurring during a meal. It is also possible that these heartburns manifest after a meal where alcohol, spices or acid/sweet foods were consumed.

What Causes Gastritis?

Many factors can increase the risk of suffering from gastritis, like abusive consumption of alcohol, coffee or other acid beverages. Moreover, the regular consumption of tobacco considerably increases the likelihood of contracting the disease.  

Preventing Gastritis

You can prevent gastritis by following simple measures and by avoiding risk factors causing gastritis. Here are a few examples of actions to take in order to prevent gastritis:

  • End all tobacco consumption;
  • Strongly restrain alcohol consumption;
  • Moderate consumption of sweet beverages;
  • Manage our stress as much as possible;
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and routine.

The Gastro Pro is a certified holistic nutritional consultant specializing in gastrointestinal disorders in Gatineau. Discover how to heal and prevent gastritis.

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