My name is Robert Martin and I’m "The Gastro Pro". I help people affected with gastrointestinal disorders, by providing customized and unique nutritional guidance to achieve health and wellness using functional medicine principles.

Work with someone who’s been through it.

I’ve been living with ulcerative colitis for over 20 years. I’m ecstatic to tell you that for the last 3 years, I’ve been living symptom-free. It was a long road for me…but it doesn’t have to be for you. I’m now committed to helping people just like me and I bring a unique philosophy and service approach to the table that helps me ensure maximum success as I guide my clients along their best paths to a balanced state of health.

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You are not alone… it’s a team effort.

I use a number of different strategies to support you through your health improvement journey. Depending on your history, current condition and future health goals, we work together to define the wellness program that will best support your body’s natural healing processes.

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Programs to help you get back on track.

Maybe you’re experiencing gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea because your digestive tract isn’t functioning optimally. Or perhaps you’re feeling joint pain, exhaustion, fogginess, and congestion because you’re plagued by an overload of toxins. Whatever your reality, my programs are designed to support your body's nutritional needs to achieve a state of optimal function.

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It’s more than results…it’s how you get there.

Don’t get me wrong. Results matter (the most!). But so does the process. Right from the get-go, I want you to feel comfortable, confident and informed. And that’s why my approach is designed to be supportive, collaborative and effective so you stand to achieve the greatest results.

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My services are guaranteed so you know I'll be honest. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve a balanced state of health. I will either help you by working with you or by recommending you someone that can. Either way…I will always be 100% honest – that’s a promise.

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Comprehensive Health Assessment

Comprehensive Health Assessment

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Service Guarantee

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