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15 pounds, blood pressure, energy


Why did you decide to consult a nutritionist / naturopath for your health challenges?
For moral support and encouragement during the period of weight loss following kidney cancer. I wanted to learn to eat better.

How did you feel before consulting?

Why did you choose to work with your advisor (Robert Martin)?
He inspired me with confidence and I liked the way he introduced me to the diet.

How did your program go?
Very well

What was the impact of the personal coaching received for you?
The impact was very important because I knew I was not alone.

What was your greatest motivation for adhering to your advisor’s recommendations?
Feel better about myself and especially clean my digestive system.

What have been your biggest changes since starting the program?
I eat much better. I opt for healthy meals even in restaurants. I don’t snack like I used to. There are always apples in my fridge.

Why would you recommend your advisor (Robert Martin) to someone who needs to improve their quality of life?
Robert has a professional approach but at the same time friendly and personal. He doesn’t hesitate to do your research and recommend good products.

Gatineau, Québec