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18 pounds, fatigue, irritable bowel, pain


1. Why did you decide to consult a nutritionist/naturopath for your health challenges?
To improve my healthy lifestyle habits in a natural way.

2. How did you feel before consulting?
Heavy, low energy. Bloated. Didn’t feel good in my skin

3. Why did you choose to work with your advisor (Robert Martin)?
I got positive feedback on him. In addition, I saw very encouraging results on a friend.

4. How was your program?
Very well.

5. What was the impact of the personal coaching received for you?
This has kept me motivated and informed.

6. What was your biggest motivation to adhere to your adviser’s recommendations?
The quick results that I saw at the beginning.

7. What have been your biggest changes since starting the program?
I eat 3 meals a day. Increase my water consumption.

8. Why would you recommend your advisor (Robert Martin) to someone who needs to improve their quality of life?
I recommend Mr. Martin for his listening skills and kindness.