It is as good as it sounds

My service is guaranteed.

If you comply with every recommendation I make throughout the duration of your program and no results are achieved, you are entitled to the full reimbursement of my nutritional consultation fees. (Note that supplements are non-reimbursable.)

The qualifications

In order to benefit from my 100% Money Back Guarantee, the following criteria must be met:

  • I consider the severity of your health condition and determine whether or not I can genuinely help you
  • I assess and determine if my approach is a good fit for a successful collaboration and outcome
  • I assess your motivation and reasons for making changes in your life

I only take you on as a client and guarantee my services if I truly believe I can help you.

Why do I offer this?

In the past (when I was so desperately looking for help), every time I consulted with a professional about my health, I always heard the same response: “Yes, I can help you”. After many failures and lots of wasted money, I began to ask, “If you believe firmly that you can help me, will you guarantee your service?”. In other words, if you help me, I pay. If you don’t help me, I don’t pay.

Throughout the course of my 26-year journey, I’ve only met one health professional who was willing to offer this kind of guarantee – and he’s the one who helped me become symptom-free. Because of this very experience, it’s important to me that I offer this level of guarantee and commitment to my clients.

How it works so beautifully

My service guarantee combined with my approach shows that without a doubt, I am committed to you. I know that by following my recommendations your health can improve BUT in order for the process to be successful, your complete commitment is also needed. My time is very important and your success is equally important, so it’s critical that I spend my time with the people I can help, and who are willing to change as they wholeheartedly pursue better health. It’s paramount to me that you get results and I know we can do this TOGETHER!

This is my guarantee: I commit to helping you, and in return, I need you to commit to helping yourself. This is the only way to succeed. Improving your health is not a spectator’s sport…your participation is essential for it to work.